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featured runner

Meet Kara our featured runner!

We first met Kara at the Las Vegas Rock 'n' Roll Marathon expo in December.  She was picking up her bib for her first marathon and she was EXCITED.

I started talking with Kara and quickly found out that she had been training for this marathon while juggling a ten month infant at home and a full time very hectic career.  I was instantly intrigued.  I had recently gone back to work after having my first child and I couldn't imagine adding marathon training into the mix. 

When I asked her how she did it she first mentioned her very supportive best friend and husband - Mike.  He had given her all the breaks she needed to squeeze in a run here and there. He had picked up the slack around the house and even road his bike with her when she was starting to go a little nutty on the long runs.  Mike sounds like a pretty great husband.

I still couldn't get over how Kara was able to train for a marathon while being a new first time mother.  When I asked Kara to explain more about this I was surprised to hear that Kara was not a runner before having her baby but turned to walking and then running after her baby was born to get back into shape.  "I started walking and then running to try to get my body back. I never thought I would ever enjoy running but running actually did more than just help me get my body back.  It helped me clear my mind, actually gave me more energy and I felt strong.  I was HOOKED."

Kara set her sights on the marathon after completing her first 5 mile run.  I asked her if she was worried going from 5 miles to 26.2 miles and if she was scared. "I was scared but only in a good way.  I signed up for the Las Vegas Rock 'n' Roll Marathon 9 monthes in advance.  I knew I would stick with it so I wasn't really that scared at the time.  I was actually doing fine until I stepped in the conventional hall of the expo.  I've done a few races along the way in my training but nothing like this race.  i've hear a lot about the Rock 'n' Roll running events and so far - it's been really amazing."


It was really hard when I went back to work and a quick run would change my whole attitude. It really helped me clear my head and keep things in perspective." 

Stay tuned for an update on how Kara's doing now.


If you would like to submit your story for the Featured Runner please email a photo of yourself and your story to  The chosen runner will receive a gift for participating.